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"Wondering" podcast capture from Puerto Rico Legal Blog

Good morning. This is attorney and  notary Santiago Lampon. This is my first podcast for  2017. Its January the 4th. I spent a  few days already on the run, working and getting things done in the new year  and I have been thinking what should I post about in my very  first opportunity to communicate with you. As I was wondering about it I realized that I want to talk to you about wondering about things.

Yes the word is wondering. And I am gonna go head while I am communicating with you I am going to open my browser here and I am going to look for the definition of  wondering. – bear with me a moment. It  says it come from wonder, desire  or  be curious  to know something . Then there is wondering. It says:  expressing admiration or amazement, -very interesting- marvelling. To think or speculate curiously. That would be from the definition , the verb  wonder. Interesting. There is another  definition used with object. It says to speculate  curiously or to be curious about  something.  Now I am going to stay with the one to think or speculate curiosly. Now that word speculate within the definition of wonder, to wonder, could probably best communicate what I want to talk to you about.

A lot of my clients are very successful, many or most of my clients, are very successful  business owners in one way or another. Either in managing , renting real  estate properties, business associated with real estate  properties like  restaurants and alike or  it doesn’t matter what kind of  a business. The aspect is that the successfulness of it  depends in my opinion, in wondering less and less about it . To the extent someone is wondering what is going on, what is happening. To think or speculate curiously. The person is not actually confronting, the person is not actually putting his or  her attention on what is going on. If someone is wondering why there isn’t enough clients ,if somebody is wondering why employees are not happy, if somebody is wondering  about  why, even if you are wondering about why you have so many clients there has to be an area of the business that is not been taken a closer look at.

That is very particular about the legal aspects of operating a business. If the person is wondering  about  how could the law affect me, or how could it be that there is a problem in this area, the person lacks the knowledge about that area and it is a  very  direct and  specific formula.

The more you are wondering about  something you should take it as an indicator that it is the less you know about i that something and the solution is getting the  knowledge. You can get it  from a lawyer, you can get it from a marketing  consultant, you can get it from a book. It really doesn’t matter much as long as it is valid information, as long as it is information that you can actually understand and then use, and then when you use it you actually get a possitive result. I will give you an example. I recently started posting about  employee relations and employment law in Puerto Rico. Some people are like not even wondering what is going on with that . They just do their business normally. As long as  they get paid, as long as they are not complaining. That is not a good  standard. The good standard  would be: -Ok, what I don’t know about  employment law in Puerto Rico can hurt me-. It really can. How should  employee  records be  kept? What are my  obligations as to time records? When I hire someone, how do I secure that i can get a  90 day probation or probatory period so that if during those 90 days the person doesn’t work out, I can terminate the person without any concerns?

If you are wondering about this things then you lack some  information. You can probably go online, like for example you can go to  Puerto Rico legal blog, which is my website and you can search the articles and the videos that I have. But there is a wealth of information on the internet. Again, it is easy  to post something on the internet so it is very easy to find incorrect  information but that is another subject  and that is another subject to be covered  on another podcast or another article. But if you are wondering about something the solution is get the information about that  something. That way you can stay out of  trouble. Even if trouble comes down the road you can still handle it successfully.

Again my name is Santiago Lampon. I am a lawyer and a notary in Puerto Rico. My website is My  phone number 7872736767. Happy new year. A successful  2017 and there on . Have a great day.