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Hello my name is Santiago Lampón and I welcome you to Puerto Rico legal video blog. This video post I cover wills in Puerto Rico and most importantly wills that are not executed in Puerto Rico.

A Will in Puerto Rico has very specific requirements as to content, what is written in the will. But also has very specific requirements as to format how the will is issued and authorized by the notary is signed by the person writing the will. Now if you have a will outside of Puerto Rico meaning that it was executed elsewhere it is most likely that will, will not necessarily be acceptable in Puerto Rico for distribution of your assets in Puerto Rico. I am not saying that is automatically not good I am just saying most likely but it is very important to have your will revised by a local notary. And like I have stated in another post only lawyers can be notaries in Puerto Rico which is because of the specific requirement for this kind of documents as to content, which is legal in nature, and as to format the way they are done.

Now, if you have a will and you are watching this video is because you looked into the future. You want to organize things and have everything in place so that when you pass away your family is protected, your family knows what they need to do, it is easier for them to do it or maybe you have a specific wish about the disposition of assets in what you want happen with them. If you have a will and you  don’t have it checked in Puerto Rico by  local lawyer or notary, that wish  that you have with regards to US and  Puerto Rico may be hindered  somewhat.  Because we have very specific requirements, you can watch another one of the videos I have here about force heirs law  which  explains to you who comes first and  who comes second with regards to  inheritance law. And while the will gives you some flexibility it doesn’t give you complete flexibility. As an example most of the couples that come to me, they have the situation in which they want to make sure the surviving spouse have complete use and enjoyment of the property in Puerto Rico, usually a beach house a  second home, your heaven during winter, or your state to stay away from the cold. 

Well you know what, wills throughout most of the united stated makes it easier for that to happen but not necessarily in Puerto Rico. So you want to make sure that the will is looked at, and that you have some predication. The knowledge you need to know that what is going to happen in the future is what you want happening in the future. So you have watched Puerto Rico Legal Video Blog. My name is Santiago Lampón, a lawyer and a notary in Puerto Rico and remember you can send questions by writing on this blog at any given time.