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A Tip for Success – from

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Dear Reader of Vieques Law: My main purpose as an individual and as a lawyer, is to help my friends and our clients to be succesful and, most importantly, be happy.  This article is about both of these purposes. I am subscribed to a free service called and have been for many years.  Their… Read more »

How to Find a Property Tax ID Number in Puerto Rico

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Through this video, you will learn the steps you need to take to identify a property tax ID number for a property in Puerto Rico.  The site for this tool is public, and so is the information published therein.  In this regards, do note that the name or other information about the recorded owner of… Read more »

Traffic Tickets – An Amnesty

Posted by & filed under Uncategorized. An amnesty is in progress for pastdue traffic tickets and also for those issued through AutoExpreso.  The last day of this amnesty is coming up in June. While I calculate the deadline to be June 22, you should verify official sources for the official end date. The link above will take you to the… Read more »

Happy Mother’s Day

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My mother has been and continues to be a very special person in my life by making sure I did not stray from the right path, and also motivating me to help others along the way. I also have the blessing of sharing my life with another spectacular woman who is my wife and mother… Read more »