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Title Clearing in Puerto Rico – Transcript

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Hello to you! I am leaving you with this transcript on how title clearing works in Puerto Rico and how I can help you! It is not hard, but it becomes even easier when you have the data. Truly yours, Santiago Lampón Hello, my name is Santiago Lampon, I am a real estate lawyer and… Read more »

Tittle Clearing in Puerto Rico

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Good morning! How are you? I hope you are doing very well and that you had a spectacular weekend. I leave you today with this video on Tittle Clearing in Puerto Rico! Enjoy! Yours, Santiago Lampón

How Does Title Clearing Work in Puerto Rico?

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Before buying property in Puerto Rico, it is essential to understand the local real estate laws and process to obtain a clear title.

Many people that look to buy property don’t even know that they need title clearing services, much less what these essential professionals provide.  However, if you discover that the previous owners had debt that resulted in a lien against the property, and that you may now be on the hook to pay if you want to close the… Read more »

Title Clearing services delivered by our firm are uniquely tailored to the specifics of the Puerto Rico Real Estate system. 

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  Puerto Rico was a Spanish colony for over 400 years, which accounts for Spanish being our main language and our customs significantly mirroring those followed across many areas of Spain.  As an additional note, since most of the Latin American countries were likewise Spanish colonies for hundreds of years, travelers find architectural and cultural… Read more »

Real Estate Transactions in Puerto Rico – Some Common Misconceptions

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A constant challenge for my practice as a real estate lawyer, has been explaining to a non-resident of Puerto Rico how a real estate transaction in Puerto Rico works. My biggest “enemy” in doing this task, are the misconceptions some individuals have on the subject. To help you have the answers that you need, here… Read more »

Title Clearing in Puerto Rico – A brief introduction

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I recently had the wonderful experience of meeting and helping key executives of one of the biggest and most successful title clearing companies in the United States. They have a series of clients that have entered the Puerto Rico market, which has put them in the unexpected but also interesting position of having to become trained… Read more »

A Deed of Trust in Puerto Rico – Lien Constitution and Release

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In our real estate practice at Lampón & Associates we regularly deal with entities and individual clients, who during the course of their business become accustomed to handling real estate transactions in the United States and other countries of the world.  When the time comes to perform a real estate transaction in Puerto Rico, the… Read more »