Mortgage Lien Releases in Puerto Rico

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If you own, or are considering to purchase, property in Puerto Rico then it is in your best interest to understand a mortgage lien release.

A lien, including a mortgage lien, is an arrangement where one party cedes equity or a stake on a piece of property in exchange for a loan and only regains full control of said property back once their debt has been paid in full. Mortgages aren’t commonly perceived as a lien, but in essence that’s… Read more »

Inheritance Laws That Apply in Puerto Rico

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The best way to understand inheritance laws in Puerto Rico is from hiring a Puerto Rican attorney.

Ahh Puerto Rico, you are a beautiful land that is known for your sandy shores, cool breezes and an easy-living way of life. That being said, it’s easy to understand why so many people flock to settle down and raise families in Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, we all know that we are cursed with mortality –… Read more »

Puerto Rico Tax Incentives You Should Know

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It's important to understand Puerto Rico tax incentives if you're planning on taking up residence there so that you know up front how they'll work for you.

It’s not like most people need more reasons to move to Puerto Rico. With beautiful beaches, warm waters, lush foliage, temperate year-round weather conditions, and friendly residents, there’s a lot to love about this Caribbean island nation. It gets even better, though. For Americans (and other foreigners) interested in uprooting their lives and taking up… Read more »

Common Puerto Rican Inheritance Law Questions

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To help you better understand Puerto Rican inheritance law, we go over the most common questions asked regarding this process.

Puerto Rico is a beautiful Caribbean island that boasts a tropical climate, lush vegetation, and a rich history and culture. It’s no surprise, then, that people from all over the world not only want to visit, but choose to purchase property in Puerto Rico, either as a primary residence or for vacation purposes. But what… Read more »

How Act 20 and 22 Can Effect You

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With Puerto Rico’s Act 20 and 22, growth and opportunity for businesses and investors is on the rise. Though the island’s economy has experienced some setbacks in the recent history, new provisions, such as Act 20 and 22, have begun to return Puerto Rico into a thriving area for commerce. Continue reading to see how… Read more »

Real Estate Transactions in Puerto Rico – Some Common Misconceptions

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A constant challenge for my practice as a real estate lawyer, has been explaining to a non-resident of Puerto Rico how a real estate transaction in Puerto Rico works. My biggest “enemy” in doing this task, are the misconceptions some individuals have on the subject. To help you have the answers that you need, here… Read more »