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As I promised, here is part 2 on State Insurance Fund, so you can have more information on this subject.


Santiago Lampón

State Insurance Fund – A Potential Liability Part 2

Hello my name is Santiago Lampón, I am lawyer and notary in Puerto Rico and welcome to Puerto Rico Legal Video Blog. This is part 2 of a 2-part series regarding workmen comp in the real estate environment. What this means is that you are the owner of a given property here in Puerto Rico and you hire an outside firm or builder or company to do some kind of work on your property. I used as an example in the previous video a builder but it refers to anything.

You need to watch the first video because otherwise what I am going to give you now is going to be incomplete. Now let’s say you have someone coming in to your property to perform work and that someone has the workmen comp state certificate. By the way it is FONDO del seguro del estado, It is going to appear in the screen before. The short is the FSE.

Let’s say you have the FSE coverage, the workmen comp state coverage and your builder (which is the example that I have been using) has that coverage as well. The next question is, is the kind of work that you are performing in your property included in that workmen comp. In other words, did you tell the FSE, that what that guy is going to do, is report it to them, so that they can charge you the adequate premium for that work.

Let say you are building a pool and the guy walks in to build the pool. But you report or for whatever reason the category selected is: “Oh, he is going to do windows” and an employee has an accident you are not covered. He is not covered either but you are not covered. See the thing is that what we are looking at protecting here is you as a property owner. The FSE is going to look at whether the guy, his boss, has workmen comp. If he does, fine. Now they are going to look at you as a property owner if you have workmen comp, if you do, fine, if you don’t you are in problems.

Make sure you look at this for whatever services are going to be rendered inside your property since you are a real estate property owner, which is why you are watching this video. My name is Santiago Lampón, a lawyer and a notary in Puerto Rico and I thank you for watching. Please send me any question you might have by email or post them on this page. Have a great day.