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My life is interesting in so many ways, which makes “time” not necessarily be on my side.  This is why I come to you for a little help.

At the office, I enjoy the opportunity to work with competent staff under the leadership of attorney and notary Hildamar Rodríguez.  Attorney Rodriguez is now leading the production efforts at the law firm, having been with me for the better part since 2009 and having successfully worked in hundreds of closings and title issues in Vieques with hundreds of clients since my arrival in 2005.

My professional commitments together with my personal desire to help educate children on the use of drugs, to learn their Human Rights and even learn about moral choices they will have to make, has narrowed down the time I have available to continue and even expand my love for writing articles and recording videos.

I needed to find an answer to this.  In this regards I need your help, since I needed to find a way to simplify publishing information to continue pushing my purpose to help others understand real estate and inheritance law in Puerto Rico.  Maybe the answer rests with podcasting.

To begin, I want to describe what “podcasting” is for those of you who do not know.  Here are some key words:

PODCAST – a voice (voice only – no images) recording placed on the Internet for others to find, download and listen.

PODCAST CHANNEL – Where someone places the podcasts to be found.  Those interested in the channel, can subscribe to the channel and receive notices when a new podcast is published.

Hence “podcasting” is the action of creating podcasts and publishing them through a podcast channel.

I created a podcast channel called PUERTO RICO LEGAL BLOG PODCAST which you can find here:  PUERTO RICO LEGAL BLOG PODCAST

The idea is to be able to increase the amount of free information I make available while saving me (and perhaps you) some time.

WHAT DO I ASK FROM YOU – to please visit the channel and listen to a podcast I made public on November 1, 2016 and let me know if you like the podcast and your overall thought on the idea of podcasting.

THERE IS ONE ADDED BENEFIT TO PODCASTING.  Once made public, I will have the podcast transcribed and published here, all free.

Another advantage of the podcast is that you can download the recording and take it with you to listen whenever you have the time, and you can also share the audio for free.

Well, I hope to hear from you and that you keep supporting me and my team like you have since 2005 when I first arrived in Vieques.

Very truly yours,

Santiago F. Lampón