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Mortgage Assistance in Puerto Rico: 5 Things to Know

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Mortgage Assistance in Puerto Rico

If you need mortgage assistance in Puerto Rico, you’ve come to the right place. Down payments, language barriers, never-ending requirements… the process is undoubtedly stressful. In fact, the process in Puerto Rico is incredibly challenging. With so many hoops to jump through and so many requirements to meet, the process can be nearly impossible without… Read more »

Common Challenges to Obtaining a Mortgage in Puerto Rico

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Buying a home in Puerto Rico is a unique experience, to say the least. Every facet of the transaction brings with it some small wrinkle or curveball that you may not see coming. Don’t get me wrong, you’re still jumping through the same hoops and meeting the same requirements if you were to buy a… Read more »

Real Estate Transactions in Puerto Rico – Some Common Misconceptions

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A constant challenge for my practice as a real estate lawyer, has been explaining to a non-resident of Puerto Rico how a real estate transaction in Puerto Rico works. My biggest “enemy” in doing this task, are the misconceptions some individuals have on the subject. To help you have the answers that you need, here… Read more »

A Deed of Trust in Puerto Rico – Lien Constitution and Release

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In our real estate practice at Lampón & Associates we regularly deal with entities and individual clients, who during the course of their business become accustomed to handling real estate transactions in the United States and other countries of the world.  When the time comes to perform a real estate transaction in Puerto Rico, the… Read more »