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What I am about to state may seem obvious after you read it, but many of those who call in to my law firm are actually not following this very simple rule:

The time to complete the inheritance law process in Puerto Rico, is now and not later. Here is why this is a big issue in Puerto Rico nowadays.

In Puerto Rico, the absence of a will is actually very common. In my opinion, the preparation of a will, being quite demanding upon the notary and usually costly in the estimation of many individuals, is normally ignored. Accordingly, most of the inheritances brought to my attention for what is called in the United States as “probate” lack a will.

Now, will or no will, the actual problem which effectively delays the process, is the part of the work which falls into the hands of the Puerto Rico Treasury Department. While this process is slated to be completed in 30 days, in actuality the department takes many months in completing this process. If you watch my videos describing this process on this blog, it is video number 2 of the 3 videos series.

In sum, the steps we need to take involving the court system is not an issue. Step number 3 , which is the filing at the Property Registry is normally not a problem either. Nevertheless, the step involving the Treasury Department is slow and apparently unsolvable in the time being.

Accordingly, the best time to start an inheritance law process in Puerto Rico is right now. Waiting could prove to be a very expensive and unpleasant proposition.

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Santiago F. Lampón