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Social media is the way to go for news and events about Puerto Rico right now.  In my opinion, we need to stay off the networks and listen to the people on the ground.

Now, this does not mean we listen to everyone.

The word “friends” does have a practical definition, a practical meaning and that is someone we care for and who cares about me.

When reading something in social media, have in mind the following tips I use to stay informed but also truthful to what I believe, and I believe in truth.

1.  See who is responsible for the post and ask yourself if you truly know that person.

2.  Anything full of generalities like “everywhere” or “everyone” or the loosely used word “all” should be considered suspicious.  Like: All supermarkets are empty.  There is a gas shortage everywhere.  It may be absolutely true that the person visited one empty supermarket, which would be sad; but that does not mean all supermarkets are empty.

3.   Photos do speak more than a thousand words, but still one needs to understand the vocabulary.  One person saw the name “Santiago” on a sign from a photo from Puerto Rico, and questioned that there is no town named Santiago, but there is one in the Dominican Republic.  Well, there is a sign for a place called “Santiago Iglesias” in Puerto Rico.

4.  Verify the data yourself before jumping to conclusions.

5.  And always remember, that many say what they want to say and not necessarily what you want to hear.

I hope the above helps you as much as it has helped me when dealing with social media.

Yours, Santiago F. Lampón