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I wanted to inform you about this subject of couples who are not married under Puerto Rico law so that you can take any actions to prevent inconvenient situations in the future and you are more than ready!

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Hello and welcome to Puerto Rico Legal Blog. My name is Santiago Lampón. I am a lawyer and a notary in Puerto Rico. In this episode, I am going to cover what I can only describe as a delicate subject. It is the subject of individuals who are not married under Puerto Rico law.

I am being very specific. Not married under Puerto Rico law. What do I mean by this? It could be individuals who are not married at all or it could be individuals who got married elsewhere. The marriage is not recognized in Puerto Rico. So, under Puerto Rico law it would operate as if they were single. What I am focusing on more here are two aspects. Number one when you purchase real estate and number two, something a little bit more personal if one of these individuals is injured or requires medical attention.

With regards to real estate if an unmarried couple purchases real estate in Puerto Rico you have a situation that you are actually forming a partnership. It is a partnership that requires that this individual manage the property pursuant to Puerto Rico law, in accordance with the partnership laws established under Puerto Rico civil code, which means that it is there and whether you are aware or not it applies to your relationship. This also means that for purposes of inheritance you are also going to have to deal with a hereditary process individually as individuals not as spouses. So, it is very important that that this distinction is known for purposes of doing the correct thing, meaning what you want accomplished under Puerto Rico law.

Now on the more personal aspect, imagine that one of these individuals gets injured. In Puerto Rico, hospitals will not blink, if the spouse walks in or the children or the parents of the injured person walk in because the injured person is unable to make decisions but they will not blink at accepting instructions from the spouse. But in the absence of the spouse, under Puerto Rico law, who is going to make those decisions? That is where a living will or otherwise known as health power of attorney comes in handy. You need to have, if you are unmarried and care for each other, you need to have a little will or health power of attorney which follows very standard and precise processes in order to be created in Puerto Rico in order to be used.

So be aware. There are significant distinctions, if you are going to do real estate transactions, I am assuming notary, get explanations about it and be sure that you have this information for now and for the future.

I hope you have enjoyed this video. My name is Santiago Lampón, a lawyer and a notary in Puerto Rico. You can email me your questions and post them on this page or give me a phone call. Have a great day.