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Maria hit Puerto Rico very hard and the law firm was no exception.  While we did not suffer much damage, there is no electricity, Internet, phone and water services.  Our staff and families are all doing well, but most government agencies are closed and we do not have access to the information we need to move our matters forward.  Additionally, the court system remains closed and all hearings and processes have been indefinitely postponed.

Personally, I am doing my best to bring much needed help to Puerto Rico through the Scientology Volunteer Ministers program.  I am inspired by the unity shown by our people and the continued desired to flourish and prosper notwithstanding the circumstances.

If any of you need help in your homes, your areas or know someone that does, send me a note and I will channel it to the Volunteer Ministers who will do their best to help.

The Puertorican Spirit will continue to shine.  Puerto Rico is and will always be “La Isla del Encanto.”