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Hello and welcome to Puerto Legal Blog. My name is Santiago Lampón and I am a lawyer and a notary in Puerto Rico. If you like this video or any of the other videos we post on this page you can subscribe for free, and when you do I am going to send you a special video available only to subscribers. Every now and then I will record all the video that I will make available to subscribers. Just as a benefit for subscribing to my page as a thank you note. Now I have recorded a video just today in which I discussed what is title versus untitled property. You can have it available, you can see here just by searching on this website. There is a search bar where you can search for different subjects. Just put the title and you will see, you know you will reach the article and you can see the video.

When recording the video it came to mind that the word adverse in the phrase or in the namesake of adverse possession and I am saying namesake because in Puerto Rico we have a different name that doesn’t translate into adverse position. Now I use adverse position because it is the common term used across English speaking communities, and since I am recording this in English I want to make sure it is understandable for you and anybody else that even though they are Spanish speaking public, they can understand that there is difference in language and why I am making this clarification.

The word adverse if we look at the dictionary it can have different meanings and one of the meanings could be like strong and different positions. Adverse means that you will defend your ownership rights over a property. That if anyone came on board to try to claim; ‘hey I am the owner of your property’. You will defend. You will be adverse to that claim of ownership. This is very important because the use of the word adverse represents action, represents something you do, not something you think. “Hmm I am the owner”. You must think and understand you are the owner, but it is something you do. It also means, and that is the purpose of the video, just a little tip that I’m going to give you right now, that you can do something which is contrary to your rights, to your possession, to your claims over that given property, because we are discussing real state here, but there is adverse possession as to assets, as to moveable assets. You can claim adverse possession for a car or for a pen and it is like at work, that is my pen that is your pen and then someone takes up and puts a label on that pen. That is being adverse. I want everyone to know that this is my pen. That is a good example. I want everyone to know that this is my land and this is my property and that is what adverse means as purpose on adverse possession.

I decided to make this video and comment on this, because I see some people and I am not necessarily talking about clients and I am divulging anything with regards to clients here, is things that I observe in the market place in Puerto Rico. ‘I am the owner of this piece of land, I wonder who do I have to talk to get title,’ and that is ok. We can talk to someone about getting titled but what does that mean. You are the owner, that is why I videoed on what is on untitled versus titled property, is actually named the other way around titled versus untitled property so that you have an understanding that title is something that you have officially recognized but as far as I am concerned it would be something that you recognize, something that you do with regards to something. I may be phoning in to semantics and details and whatever. But that is the practice of law. You have to be observable of details, you have to observe details, and you have to make decisions with regards to what you observe.

I wanted to share this with my subscribers and with the general public. Let me know if you have any questions. Just post the comment or send me an email. I hope you’ve enjoyed this information. My name is Santiago Lampón; I am a lawyer and a notary in Puerto Rico. I invite you to subscribe to my blog, remember you will get a free video if you do, and this has been a Puerto Rico Legal Blog presentation. Have a great day.