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Puerto Rico Tax Incentives You Should Know

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It's important to understand Puerto Rico tax incentives if you're planning on taking up residence there so that you know up front how they'll work for you.

It’s not like most people need more reasons to move to Puerto Rico. With beautiful beaches, warm waters, lush foliage, temperate year-round weather conditions, and friendly residents, there’s a lot to love about this Caribbean island nation. It gets even better, though. For Americans (and other foreigners) interested in uprooting their lives and taking up… Read more »

How Act 20 and 22 Can Effect You

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With Puerto Rico’s Act 20 and 22, growth and opportunity for businesses and investors is on the rise. Though the island’s economy has experienced some setbacks in the recent history, new provisions, such as Act 20 and 22, have begun to return Puerto Rico into a thriving area for commerce. Continue reading to see how… Read more »

We Can Help Non-Residents of Puerto Rico Take Advantage of Act 20

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The name “Puerto Rico” literally translates to “rich port” in English. This moniker is taking on new meaning for the increasing numbers of American businesspeople flocking to Puerto Rico in order to preserve their prosperity and enjoy everything our “island of enchantment” has to offer. As a Caribbean commonwealth of the United States, Puerto Rico… Read more »