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If you desire to purchase or sell property in Puerto Rico, your initial step ought to be to employ a qualified real estate attorney. You may think an attorney is pointless for a simple transaction like buying a house. Be that as it may, real estate matters are rarely simple. Regardless of the possibility that you don’t think an attorney will be helpful going into a transaction, if something goes wrong you will be grateful for their help. A real estate attorney can assist you to identify and avoid dangers that you never even considered. An attorney will help to ensure a smooth transaction.

When purchasing a house, it’s a good idea to hire a real estate attorney. An attorney will see to it that your rights are protected and will process all key legal documents for your buy. These tips will help you choose the correct attorney to steer you through your transaction.

1. Start early

Start your search for a decent real estate attorney at the same time you begin your search for a new home. You need plenty of time to find a decent attorney. Don’t wait until the last minute to pick an attorney without doing any research.

2. Choose an Attorney in the location you are buying a home

There are many aspects of real estate law specific to Puerto Rico. There is no substitute for local knowledge. For example, if you are buying a house in Staten Island, you would want someone from that area who is familiar with benefits, local custom, and pitfalls. Moreover, local laws differ in Long Island and Puerto Rico. For instance, zoning laws differ greatly from place to place, even inside the five boroughs of Puerto Rico. A decent Puerto Rico real estate lawyer will be familiar with the correct laws applicable to your situation.

3. Experience and Resources

Obviously you would expect a Puerto Rico real estate lawyer to have real estate experience. However, what you also have to determine is whether an attorney understands your particular situation and has the resources to manage it. Ask a prospective attorney how he or she proposes to handle your case. If they can’t give a sufficiently detailed answer, you may need to look somewhere else. Equally as important, you have to evaluate whether the attorney’s firm can handle a matter of your size and complexity. A sole practitioner two years out of law school may not be the correct choice to handle commercial real estate litigation including a skyscraper. You have to make inquiries about the firm in general and its ability to adapt to a potentially difficult undertaking.

4. Real Estate Closing Cost

As noted above, real estate agents regularly work on commission. In contrast, most attorneys bill for their services on an hourly basis. In any case, for simple home sales and purchases, most attorneys will represent you in a real estate transaction for a flat charge. Make sure to agree to that rate ahead of time to avoid any misunderstanding at closing.

5. Word of Mouth

Converse with friends, colleagues, and family who have recently purchased a home. Inquire as to whether they would recommend the real estate attorney they utilized. You could likewise ask for the names of prominent attorneys from your real estate agent. Just make certain to get an attorney who is independent of that agency. Find out the cost of the attorney and how well the attorney helped them to navigate the home-buying process.

6. Search for an Attorney Who Specializes in Real Estate

You need to locate a “private attorney” (an attorney who specializes in home sales). Choose one who consistently handles real estate transactions, not one who’s handled one just a handful. Check online with your State’s Bar Association to check whether they have a legal counselor referral service.

7. Meet your Attorney Before You Hire Him or Her

Select a couple of attorneys to meet on the phone or, ideally, face to face. However, check first whether you’ll be charged for the meeting. Ask them about their background and years of experience, what number of closings they regularly perform during a month or a year, what services they will give, and whether they can give you the names of some of their clients as references. Ask in advance what their expenses will be and how you will be charged.

8. Do Your Research

Search online for articles written by or about the attorney(s) you’re considering hiring. Do they put him or her in a decent light? The same goes for advertisements he or she has run, either in the newspaper, online or in the Yellow Pages. Are the promotions helpful and classy? Additionally, request brochures or promotional materials about the attorney or his or her firm to get a sense of the work he or she does and his or her business style.

Final Word

If you want to be successful when selling or buying a real estate Puerto Rica, you need to have a good attorney so that you can be assured of legal security. The above information will help you when searching for the best real estate lawyer.