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Puerto Rico is often considered one of the most fascinating places in the world both culturally and geographically. If you’re thinking about visiting or moving to this diverse place, there are a few interesting facts about it that may help you make your decision. Read on to find out more about the Puerto Rican culture, way of life, weather, and landmarks.

1. America’s Oldest Church is Found Here

San Jose Church was built on this island on January 24, 1522, and is considered an endangered building by many. Several famous historic people have been buried here, including Juan Ponce de Leon. If you’re after historical sites in your life adventure, Puerto Rico may be the place for you. San Jose Church is only one of many historically significant places you can visit here.

2. Puerto Rico is Home to Some of the Friendliest People

Puerto Rico is a place where racial and cultural differences are easily set aside, and lasting friendships can be made. Largely a Spanish-speaking area, about a quarter of its residents speak English. This is also a place of diverse religious beliefs, ensuring a place and community for everyone.

3. It’s a Place of Many Celebrations

In Puerto Rico, locals know how to bring joy into anything they can. While those in Puerto Rico celebrate some well-known U.S. holidays such as Christmas, they also find ways to celebrate so much more. Adding to its diversity, Puerto Rico towns and cities have their own specialized holidays, often honoring people who are important to them.

4. Pineapples are Good for Clothes, Too 

A popular fabric material for those in Puerto Rico is a fiber that comes from pineapples, called pina fiber. Talk about a resourceful way of life! But of course, there are a few delectable and cultural pineapple dishes you can make. One such dish is Puerto Rican Pineapple Rum Cake, which incorporates a popular fruit and hard drink in one dessert.

5. Puerto Rico Holds a Host of Natural Landmarks

This island’s charm doesn’t stop with its plethora of friendly faces, it is also the home of several natural landmarks you may want to see. There is the Bano de Oro Natural Area, which is a diverse place due to its broad range of forest flora. Also interesting are the Mona and Monita islands, which are known for their display of natural caves. If these catch your interest, there are also many more landmarks to explore.

6. Fairly Warm Weather Year-Round

The temperature in Puerto Rico rarely gets below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and it rarely rains during the summer months. If you’re looking to move or visit somewhere with a mild temperature, this may be a good option for you (perfect for a warm summer vacation!).

We hope you enjoyed reading over these Puerto Rico facts and have learned more about the beautiful island. And don’t hesitate to contact a Puerto Rico real estate attorney with any questions you have (even if you don’t plan on moving to Puerto Rico just yet).