Probate Lawyer in Puerto Rico

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If you need a probate lawyer in Puerto Rico, you’re probably asking a lot of questions already. Whether you’re collecting life insurance proceeds, need help with estate finances, or are trying to make sense of a last will and testament, there are lots of things to learn and understand.

A probate lawyer can help you. But you want the very best probate lawyer for your situation.

Here are a few questions you should as your probate lawyer before you sign on with them.

1. Ask Your Probate Lawyer in Puerto Rico: What is Your Past Experience With Such Cases?

Just like when a boss interviews a potential employee, experience counts in the world of Law. And you want a probate lawyer who knows how to handle your case by experience.

If they have handled cases like yours successfully in the past, they are more likely to succeed now. If they can honestly tell you how many cases they’ve handled like yours and describe non-confidential aspects of those cases, you can check this off your list.

2. How Long Will This Take?

Sure, you don’t want to sound impatient. But your lawyer should be able to give you a reasonable timeframe for completion in this case. This is especially true if they have experience with cases like yours.

If they can’t tell you an approximate time frame, then they may have fudged the truth on the previous question.

Not only will this help you know if the last question was answered truthfully, but it will give you a reasonable picture of the process going forward. Some clients don’t realize how long or how short a case will be. This could help assuage some of your fears.

3. Do You Usually Attend the Court Where My Case is Assigned?

What you’re trying to find out here is how familiar is the lawyer with the court, judge, and system where your case is being handled. Each judge is different than the last. Knowing how they operate and what their quirks are is an important thing for a probate lawyer to know.

4. What Areas of Law Do You Practice?

You want a probate lawyer who mostly works with estate cases. You might have a lawyer who works in all kinds of law. This is great! But how much do they know about estates?

The best probate lawyers know the probate law niche inside, out, and all over. If they don’t, they might not properly handle your case. And the ones who do focus on this area of law are definitely the most successful.

5. How Much Will This Cost?

Your lawyer should be able to give you an estimated cost for the whole procedure. They should be able to tell you how they are charging for their services. Are they charging a flat fee? Will it be hourly?

This might be confusing at first, but if your lawyer is good at communication, they should be able to explain the process to you.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask More Questions of Your Probate Lawyer in Puerto Rico

There is no such thing as a stupid question. And you might have a million and we’ll have a million answers.

If you have more questions about probate law or probate lawyers, contact us for more information.