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It is time to move to Puerto Rico, and you are probably at crossroads on where you should be settling. This is not strange because as a visitor, you are bound to know little about a place that you have probably never been. However, there is little to worry about because Puerto Rico offers an overabundance of choices. The Caribbean country has numerous municipalities and several stunning islands apart from the main island. So here is a summary of 5 of the best places that a Puerto Rico real estate lawyer will advise you to purchase a home in.

1. Palmas Del Mar

Found on the eastern coast of Puerto Rico, Palmas Del Mar is the home to the largest resort on this beautiful island. This resort is packed with two states of the art golf courses and a sporting center. The place also has some good schools, so you don’t have to worry about your kids’ education. Here, you don’t have to worry about your shopping needs because you will find a variety of shopping stalls and restaurants. This is definitely a nice place to buy a home

2. Isabela

Isabela is a rare city decorated with scenic beaches and mountains as well. This place is full of breathtaking views, beautiful rainforests, unique submarine rivers, and a myriad of natural lakes. If you love fresh, natural scenery, Isabela is the place to buy a home and be part of this area full of amazing features and landscape. Get a Puerto Rico real estate lawyer and complete transaction to make it part of your life.

3. Old San Juan

This is one of the largest tourist attraction areas in Puerto Rico. This is because it is characterized by old colonial buildings, forts and cobblestone streets not forgetting the magnificent museums in the area that reconnects the area with its origin. The area has nice restaurants, shops, and a very rich history. So if you are searching for a place that is packed with all the amenities and also allows you to connect with tourists and other expatriates, San Juan is the place to stay.

4. Lares

Your Puerto Rico real estate lawyer will most likely talk about this small town located in the middle of Puerto Rico. Lares is endowed with a beautiful landscape and is well known for its ice cream parlor which serves strange and exotic flavored ice cream. One thing to note about Lares is that the locals are very friendly making it one of the safest a enjoyable places to buy a house and live in Puerto Rico. The area has well-maintained streets, and the amenities here are something to reckon too.

5. Guaynabo

This is the largest Metropolitan Area in Puerto Rico. Guaynabo has a thriving locality with a lot of festivals held every year. Guaynabo is relatively large, stretching all the way from the outskirts of San Juan to the more inland areas, with expansive suburbs and developments. Guaynabo has many shopping malls and beautifully constructed homes in gated communities within the range of downtown San Juan. A Puerto Rico, real estate lawyer, will advise you that if you are looking for comfortable and affordable housing near the city, this is the place to go after.